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BG1 Golf organizer - Black

BG1 Golf organizer - Black

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The BG1 is our brand new golf trunk organizer and has he same great durability but with a new design. 

Finally get all your golf gear in one place.

Water-Resistant storage. Fits 2 Pairs of Shoes with Ventilated Compartment, Durable Storage for Balls, Tees, Clothes, Shirts, Polos, Gloves, Rangefinder, and other Golf Accessories.

Soft and sturdy storage for all your golf essentials.

(Bag only. Contents not included)

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Organize your game.

Beyond its exceptional organizational features, the BG Golf Organizer offers unparalleled protection for your valuable golf gear. With adjustable dividers and reinforced walls, your golf gear and accessories are safeguarded against any potential damage during transportation. No more worrying about the safety of your investment—this organizer provides the peace of mind you deserve.